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This is the page where I list all the changes I make to the site. Keep checking for more updates.

7/31/02: Added a sounds page. Download the song and listen to it.
11/09/01 : The site has a new forum. Check it out and
leave a messages there from now on!
10/31/01 : Added a poll, please vote so I know what you guys would like to see on the site!
10/29/01 : Fixed up the Discography page.
10/13/01 : Changed the layout to the site. Hope you guys like it better!
8/12/01 : Jürgen's Birthday!!!!!!!!!
7/24/01 : Updates the news section.
6/28/01 : Added 2 Jürgen's pics.
6/25/01 : Changed the layout to the site. Hope you guys like it!
6/19/01 : Added 2 more links to brand new sites
6/14/01 : Added more lyrics to Jürgen songs
6/08/01 : Added recent news on Jürgen, check it out in the news section and biography
6/07/01 : This is great Jürgen visits the site! He also posted a message in the guestbook. Check it out!!
5/10/01 : Updated the biography and discography sections.
4/15/01 : Added 8 pictures of Jürgen
3/29/01 : Added 7 pictures of Jürgen you can find them in the gallery2
3/26/01 : Added 2 new links, tour dates old and new and a site of Nena from Batman.
3/04/01 : Added a new section, called Lyrics, here is where you will find all the lyrics that Jürgen wrote or co-wrote up to now. Not all the lyrics are in there yet. Keep checking for more.
3/03/01 : Added a few songs co-written by Jürgen on the Discography section.
2/28/01 : Added 2 Jürgen pictures.
2/26/01 : The Rolf Brendel's Unofficial Website is finally up!
2/24/01 : Added 8 pictures of Jürgen in gallery 2.
2/23/01 : Changed server to Jürgen's page.
2/21/01 : Added 7 pics of Jürgen.
2/20/01 : Added a new section, Jürgen News. I will add only news (hopefully recent) that I get about Jürgen.
2/20/01 : Added 5 links to the links section.
2/20/01 : Added recent news about Jürgen in the Discography.
2/19/01 : I had to change the message board, the one I was using it shutted down.
2/19/01 : Added 4 pictures in the gallery2.
2/10/01 : Changed the layout to the all site!! Check it out!
2/06/01 : Added another Link this is another site of Nena by Millenium.
2/04/01 : Added updates to Biography
2/04/01 : Added 7 pictures to the Gallery2. Check them out!
1/30/01 : Added another Gallery to the site!
1/30/01 : This site is been added to the Nena site ring. If you have a site you can add your site to the site ring too!

If you have any comments, questions or suggestion please email the webmaster.