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This is the section where I put all the recent news on Jürgen that I can find.

Jürgen co-wrote 3 songs with his girlfriend, Ilonka Breitmeier in 1998/99 for a German popstar name, Tinka. You can check these songs out by clicking here.
Also Jürgen very recently is in the web development field too...check out his recent website creation by clicking here.
Don't forget to check out the posting he left, in the guestbook!!!
News as 7/24/01 : Jürgen is "retired and doing nothing" except taking care of his family. So Jürgen seems to be out of the music scene. He did a website on his "wife" Ilonka, last October 2000. From what I heard he apparently has a 7 years old son, Robin.

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