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"Odessa" - 1980

Nena (as a Band)

Nena 1983
? (Fragezeichen) 1984
Nena International Album 1984
Feuer Und Flamme 1985
It's All In The Game 1985 (English version of Feuer und Flamme)
Eisbrecher 1986

He also co-wrote a few songs for Nena solo albums. Here is a list of it:

From Wunder Gescheh'n - 89
Wunder Gescheh'n, Du Bist Überall, Steht Auf, Hero.

From Bongo Girl - 92
Ich Kann Nich Mehr, Was Immer Du Tust, Bongo Girl.

From Und Alles Dreht Sich - 94
Ich Halt' Dich Fest.


This is a recent news I found out.

Jürgen co-written 3 songs with his girlfriend, Ilonka Breitmeyer in 1998/99 for the German popstar, Tinka. The songs are not released yet but you can hear them by clicking here. I listen to them and I think the sound is really cool so check them out.

You want to know what Jürgen has been doing lately? Yep, he is also a webmaster, check it out!!!