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Jürgen Dehmel, bassplayer and songwriter (and these days a Webmaster too), born in Berlin on August 12th, 1958. He has a brother Karl-Heinz which is 3 years older.
Was Uwe that brought Jürgen to join Nena in 1981. Uwe and Jürgen were in a band together before Nena, called Odessa. They had an album out in 1980 called "Odessa". The band was: Helmut Hirt on vocals, Otto Schneider on drums, Bernd Däumichen on Guitarre and Sax, Andreas Römer on guitars, Jörn-Uwe Fahrenkog-Petersen on keyboards and Jürgen Dehmel on bass.

Jürgen was married to Nena's sister, Christiane, from 85 to 87. Christiane was a nurse in an hospital in Berlin. Jürgen and Christiane don't have any children but after they split up she had a daughter, Lisa born april 89.

He joined the band Nena in 1981 and he remained in the band till the band split in 1986.
He continued to collaborate with Nena in her solo career and on tour. He coproduced the Album "The Band" in 1991 (a collection of Nena best songs).
He also co-wrote a few songs for Nena solo albums. Check on the Discography for info.

Nena and Jürgen produced a band the "Time Boys" back in 86 under the name of JD and Susie K. He helped Nena with her solo-albums and he also wrote songs and produced soundtrack movies in Germany.
He usually work in his Home Built Studio. He toured with Nina Hagen a lot of times back in the 80's.

In 88/89 he wrote 3 songs with his girlfriend, Ilonka Breitmeier for a German pop star called Tinka. Check out the songs by clicking here.

In October 2000, Jürgen created a website for his "wife" Ilonka, check it out you will also find a picture of his wife and his son. So Jürgen is also a webmaster !! A pretty good one too!!! :-)


Vital Stats

Zodiac Sign : Leo
Height : 1,78 cm (about 5'10")
Eyes color : Grey
Hair color : Dark blonde

If you have any comments, questions or suggestion please email the webmaster.